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Robomow RS622 Robot Mower

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Robomow RS622
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Robomow RS622

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Robomow Robotic Lawn Mower Why buy from us?
Robomow Robotic Lawn Mower Why buy a Robomow?
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Robomow App Screen

Robomow RS622 Robotic Lawn Mower

The all new Robomow RS622 is a feature packed robotic lawn mower designed to cut a maximum lawn size up to 1/2 acre or 23,000 sq ft.  It has all the features of the flagship Robomow RS630 with a smaller lithium battery.  This RS622 features maintenance-free brushless motors, 22 inch wide cut, Robomow App, on screen “Friendly” setup guide, the most powerful cutting motors, plus many more key features with a very low introductory price.

Robomow Saves You Money
If you are looking to buy a top quality robotic lawn mower to save time and money, look no further.  The Robomow RS622 is a better buy than lawn services, push mowers, riding lawn mowers and other robotic lawn mowers with similar qualities.  The only on-going maintenance items are changing blades once a year and a battery every 4 - 5 years.  NO Gas, NO Oil, NO Tune-ups and NO Service Maintenance are required.   To learn more, take a look at our cost comparison charts below:

  • Riding Lawn Mower vs Robomow RS630 - $$$
  • Robomow vs Lawn Care Service - $$$
  • Coverage Area
    How big is my yard?  The Robomow RS622 can mow up to a half acre or 22,000 square feet of grass  Robomow’s robust design can handle all grass types including thick St. Augustine and any terrain up to 20 degree slopes.

    Strongest Motors & Strongest Blades - 22” Cutting Path
    Robomow Cutting BladesPine cones, small twigs, thick lawns, St Augustine grass and high grass are no match for the 22 inch cut, brushless blade motors on the Robomow RS622. The Robomow RS622 features two separate brushless, maintenance-free cutting motors. A strong, 11 inch stainless steel, three-star cutting blade is attached to each motor creating a 22 inch wide cutting path. A wide cutting path simply means the Robomow RS622 will complete mowing your lawn faster so you can enjoy your lawn longer.

    Brushless Motors
    The Robomow RS622 features brushless motors. Brushless motors are maintenance free and will offer many many years of trouble-free use.

    Free Installation Plan and Unlimited Support
    Robomow Free Installation PlanWhen you order your Robomow from NeverMowAgain.com, we will gladly illustrate where to place your perimeter wire completely free of charge!  We include perimeter islands, docking station suggestions and virtual gates to divide zones with a narrow pass plus expert advice. We are available 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have during setting up your Robomow.  We know Robomow.  Click here to get your free Robomow installation plan.

    Everything You Need Is Included
    The Robomow RS622 is the “Friendliest” robotic lawn mower on the US market.  It comes with everything you need to install in your yard without having to buy additional accessories. Robomow RS622 comes with 1,000 feet of perimeter wire and 400 pegs. That is enough materials to cover almost a 1/2 acre lawn!  It also ships completely with watertight wire connectors for splicing, template for narrow pass areas, base station for automatic charging, Roboruler for wire placement and DVD installation video plus more!  See below for full packing list.

    4 Fully Automatic Managed Zones
    The Robomow RS622 can mow up to four areas automatically. The easy one-time, on-screen setup guide will walk you through setting up your Robomow. Once this is complete, your Robomower will automatically travel from your backyard to your front yard and to your other areas of your lawn. Once the mowing is complete, the Robomow will automatically follow the perimeter wire back to the charging base.   With larger lawns, multiple charging bases can be used in the same yard if necessary.
    Robomow Zones

    Robomow App
    Robomow App ScreenThe Robomow App (available on both iOS and Android) can be downloaded to your smartphones to control the settings and monitor the status of your lawn mower.

    Easy to adjust Blade Height
    The Robomow RS622 cutting height can be easily adjusted from 1.05 to 3.25 inches. To adjust the cutting height, simply flip open the cover door located on top of the mower, then turn the knob by hand.  No tools are required!  No need to pick up the robot!  Super easy, err... Friendly.

    NewPower Wheels
    Robomow Power WheelsThese Robomow power wheels provide better traction on mowing your lawn particular on slopy hill.  Current Robomow owners can purchase these wheels as an upgrade option.

    SMS Email Notifications
    Robomow robotic mower sends you messages to your registered email address and notifies you its status.

    Smart Mow
    Robomow is capable of making a turn when approaching the wire around the boundary of your yard. That is, it continuously moves forward without stopping or going backwards, which reduces "stuck in place" event.  As a result, Robomow completes its mowing cycle as much as 10% faster, and that increases the lifespan of the drive system.  Yes, it thinks smarter.

    Turbo Mow
    Robomow is managed to cut high grass with slower drive speed.  You may turn 'Turbo Mow' feature on during the first of Spring or whenever your grass gets high.  This feature will automatically reset to regular cutting mode after a completion of 'Turbo Mow' cycle.

    Mowing Frequency - More
    A new feature is added to control how often you mow your lawn.

    Floating Deck
    The Robomow RS series are the only robotic lawn mowers available in the US that has a floating deck.  The floating deck allows the robotic lawn mower to follow the contour of your lawn for a smoother looking cut.

    Unique Edge Mode
    Robomow Edge ModeRobomow features edge mode, in which the robot learns the exact length of your perimeter during the initial, one-time guided setup.  From there, it precisely mows the edges of your lawn - Robomow delivers the perfect finishing touch!

    Quiet Lawn Mower
    The Robomow RS622 can barely be heard when standing only 20 feet from it. The Robomow uses quiet brushless motors and a robust, quiet drive system. The Robomow RS622 is quiet enough to mow at night.

    Rain Sensor
    The on-board rain sensor prevents the Robomow from mowing during rain. When the robotic lawn mower detects rain, it will automatically return to its charging base and resume mowing after rainfall.  You can choose to disable the rain sensor.  The Robomow is weatherproof and mowing in the rain will not harm the lawn mower.

    Lithium Batteries
    The Robomow RS622 uses lithium batteries. The Robomow can run up to 50 - 70 minutes on one charge and recharges in 90 minutes. The 22 inch wide cutting path and powerful motors ensure your yard will be completed in less time than other robotic lawn mowers. Lithium batteries are user replaceable and should last at least 4-5 years before replacing. Robomow lithium batteries do not have a memory and the robot ensures they are charged properly for maximum life.

    Anti-Theft Alarm
    The Robomow RS622 has a built-in alarm. In the event your mower is removed from its designated area, the alarm will sound. You can also enable a 4-digit PIN code. The Robomow will not operate unless the correct PIN code is entered.

    20-Degree Slopes
    The Robomow RS622 can mow slopes up to 20 degrees or 35% grade. The wheels are not only designed to mow all types of grass, but can also transverse across driveways, sidewalks and many other non grass areas. This Robomower can automatically travel from one area to another, and then back to its charging base.

    NewRoboHome Charging Station Cover - Optional
    RoboHome, base station cover, provides additional protection of your robot from weather damaged.  The cover can be lifted up easily to access the control buttons and display.  It is compatible to all RS Robomow base stations.  Click here to purchase.

    Robomow Zones

    Remote Control (Optional)
    The Robomow RS622 comes with a wireless remote control. The remote control can be used to drive the Robomow to different areas in the yard, or even manually mow if you choose to.

    Safety Features
    The Robomow is the safest robotic lawn mower available. 

    • Robomow features a child lock which prevents anyone from operating it.
    • Lift sensors will instantly stop the blades while the robotic lawn mower is lifted.
    • An on-board tilt sensor will stop the Robomow when tilted in a vertical position.
    • Bump sensors immediately stop the rotation of the blade when activated.
    • Emergency stop button immediately stops the robot when pressed.

    Low Maintenance, Long Lifespan, Modular Design
    The Robomow RS622 is a serious lawn mower.  It is the strongest, most rugged robotic lawn mower available today.  It is also reliable and near-maintenance free. The Robomow RS622 is designed to last 8 to 10 years without repairs or scheduled maintenance.  Your ongoing maintenance items for the Robomow are:

    • Replacing blades every year
    • Changing a battery every 4 - 5 years
    • Checking underneath for grass build up
    • Keeping wheels free of debris, etc

    That is it!  No Oil, No Gas, No Costly Service Intervals or Tune ups.  It is really that Friendly!

    Robomow comes with a 1 year warranty manufacturer backed warranty.  Friendly Robotic’s warranty covers the entire robot lawn mower including battery, parts and labor.  Since Robomow is modular and easy to repair, you will not need to ship your Robomow for repairs unless you choose to. We will walk you through any repairs via phone.  Replacing parts in Robomow is easy enough for the end user to do.

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    Robomow RS622 Specifications

    Maximum Coverage 23,000 square feet of lawn or over 1/2 acre lot
    Autonomous Mowing Zones 4
    Mower Size (L x W x H) 29 x 26 x 12.2 inches
    Weight with Battery 50 pounds
    Mowing Blades Dual (Three star 11 inch blades)
    Cutting Width 22 inches (Completes the job in less time)
    Cutting Height 1.05 - 3.25 inches (Standard with high cut blades)
    0.80 - 3.00 inches (with low cut blades)
    Noise Level 66 - 74 dB (Quiet night mowing)
    Average Working Time 50 - 70 minutes
    Charging Time 90 minutes
    26V Lithium Battery Ion 4.6 Ah
    Hill Capability 20 degrees or 35% grade
    Auto Recharge Yes
    Edge Mode Yes
    Rain Sensor Yes
    Drive System 2WD
    Smartphone App Yes
    Alarm Yes
    Brushless Blade
    and Wheel Motors
    Remote Control No
    External Base Setup Yes

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    What is in the Robomow RS622 box

    1. Robomow RS622 11. Extension Cable - 65 Feet
    2. Perimeter Wire - 1,000 Feet 12. Power Supply Box
    3. Pegs - 400 Counts 13. Power Box Mounting Kit
    4. Wire Connectors 14. Narrow Pass Template
    5. Plot Connectors 15. Remote Control (Optional) - Buy Now »
    6. User Manual 16. Lithium Battery
    7. DVD Setup and Operation Video 17. Unlimited Support*
    8. RoboRuler 18. Our exclusive Tips & Advice Guide*
    9. Base / Charging Station 19. Customized Perimeter Wire Installation Plan*
    10. Base Station Stakes 20. Click here for details
      *Included only when you order from NeverMowAgain.com

    Robomow RS622 User Manual

    Robomow Manual Robomow RS622 User Manual
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